If you're like me, and for your sake I hope you're not, you probably find yourself taking way too many pictures with your iPhone and not enough with your real camera. Contrary to what Mr. Jarvis says, the best camera you have is not the one doing double time as a cell phone, but the one you are neglecting because your iPhone has so many cool features that no camera to date has. We are in the dawn of the mobile app revolution! Why should our smart phones hog all the photo app glory?!

I see glimpses here and there of my wish list, seeping through the planned obsolescence that has become the digital camera mantra.

Enough already! Build me a camera that goes the distance...here's how:

1- Multiple Aspect Ratios
Believe it or not Canon, not everyone shoots 35mm format.
Give me squares and panos, and I'll give you my $$$.

2- In Camera Apps
My iPhone can do it, so why can't my $3000 DSLR?

HDR, Multiple exposure, panorama, diorama, pinhole...I have to believe that all of the mobile app developers are chomping at the bit to the get their precious little apps in the hands of more people.

3- Built in Pro Microphone
Love the HD Video, who doesn't?! The audio, however, leaves much to be desired.
Take note of the Zoom Q3HD or the new Olympus LS20M.
Again, my $300 pocket cam can do it, so why can't my $3000 DSLR?!

4- Built in Wireless Tethering
I want my DSLR to pick up my local WiFi signal, access network directories, and transmit my photos to my computer or server. Even better, how about 4G?!

5- Touch Screen LCD Display
If for no other reason, because it's cool.

6(added bonus) - Built in Radio Transmitter
Radio slaves are getting cheaper and cheaper, and most pros are using professional strobe equipment on a regular basis. This camera is still for pros, right?

View the Press Release Here
1. Meet the photographer before the shoot! You have to like who you work with and if you don't it will show in the pictures.

2. Have your shot list defined before asking for a quote. This will make it much easier for the photographer to give you an accurate estimate. Architectural photography is based off the number of shots per day.

3. Do your homework. There are many, many architectural photographers. With that being said, each will have their own unique vision and area of expertise. Take a look at their portfolio and see if their vision matches up with yours.

4. Know your budget before seeking a photographer. My rule of thumb is, you always get you pay for. You don't walk into a Mercedes dealership expecting to buy a brand new car for $10,000. The same goes for photography. 

5. To coincide with Tip #4, there is a huge difference between the "homes for sale" pictures you see in the free magazines in the pictures at the grocery stores versus high-end images in publications such as Architectural Digest. Your goal is to showcase your work and potentially "sell it". Always remember that a great photograph is going to lead to a call back and potential "buyer". People will be viewing your property from all over the world and their first impression is going to be the picture that you paid for.

****Added bonus****

6. Just because you have a DSLR at Costco does not make you or your associates qualified professional advertising illustrators. =)


Emerald Bay Residential Architectural Photography
Developer: Oligino Construction Services

This was the first project which we photography for Al Oligino. This particular architectural interior was used in various publications and website to sell the home. What a breathtaking view of Laguna Beach, CA! 

Pixel Bender Plugin for PS CS5

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Matt Kloskowski showed us a great CS5 Adobe Labs plugin called Pixel Bender. Usually not a huge fan of turning photos into paintings, but this is worth trying.


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Decent blog post from Promote News on why you should use Facebook for your business.

Ansel's words to live by

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Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop. - Ansel Adams

Photo LA next Weekend-Go!

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Back to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, let's hope we see new, exciting, original photographs this year at Photo LA. Visit the Photo LA Website to see the galleries and speakers this year. See ya' there-

OCC Photo will miss you, Cindy

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Cindy Schafer was a classmate of mine going through photo school. She was one of those people who always had a smile on her face. Generous, friendly, thoughtful, and supportive...these are a few of the words that come to mind immediately when I remember Cindy.
Cindy and her husband passed away last Sunday in a tragic plane crash in Canada.
The service and scattering of their ashes will be held on Saturday Dec. 5th on Saturna Island.
To read the Register's article, click here.
There is also a Facebook tribute page- click here.
To see some of Cindy's photographic work visit her website here.

Mark Ryden Tree Show Second Edition

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Wow! an affordable Mark Ryden Book!
Click Here

VInent LaForet at ProPhoto Connection

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See you there!


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